Episode 5 – mastrbiggy and Louis Wu

The Official HaloGAF Podcast

Special guests mastrbiggy and Louis Wu discuss their Halo 4 experience at E3 with regulars Tashi0106, Domino Theory, and ncsuDuncan. Recorded 06/22/2012.

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Montage Announcement

Once more, with feeling:

At the end of March we’re going to lose some online functionality for File Share linking (for a few months, at least.) If HaloGAF wants to make a Reach montage it looks like it’s now or never. We have one month.

Why this montage is actually going to happen:
– I have a Blackmagic Intensity Pro, six terabytes of storage, and a copy of Sony Vegas 11. No more juggling huge files, I can capture and edit from one location.
– It should be fairly easy to submit clips. Any format will work, since I have a capture card.
I will make damn sure to remind you to submit clips. I’ll find creative ways to guilt/shame you into contributing.

Deadline: March 27th. That’s four weeks to gather clips, but still gives me a few days of flex time before Bungie.net shuts off file linking.

Submission format, ranked by preference (and flexibility for me):
1. Link to full game film in your file share, with a time stamp and description (e.g. Triple Kill at 3:43).
2. Link to film clip in your file share. (Be sure to pad it with a few seconds before/after.)
3. HD capture of your clip. (Can also be a link to the film rendered on B.net)
4. SD capture of your clip.

How to submit:
– Send me a PM on GAF with a link to your submission.
– Email me a link, or even send me the file if it’s small enough. (ncsuDuncan@gmail.com)
– Submit a link here: http://HaloGAF.com/montage

– You can submit as many clips as you want. Everyone will get at least one clip in the montage, more if time allows.
– We can vote on the soundtrack later, but I’m partial to using Halo music.

Post your thoughts on this in the OT.

We’re Just Getting Started

Welcome to HaloGAF.com! This site is meant to be a supplemental resource for NeoGAF members that actively participate in Halo-related threads. It is NOT an official part of the NeoGAF website and in no way represents the NeoGAF.com administration.

Control of this site and content production will be a group effort; I intend to grant editing access to a number of HaloGAF regulars (like Ghaleon or Dax for example) but anyone on GAF is welcome to contribute. I didn’t put this together to show off my own projects and stroke my ego, I already have my Misriah site for that vanity.

Planned content:
– Links to current Halo-related NeoGAF threads and an archive of old threads.
– A gallery of the various pics, photoshops, and GIFs posted in HaloGAF threads, collected for posterity.
– An easily located list of HaloGAF gamertags – with links to each GAF profile and Xbox.com page.
– A list of HaloGAF members sorted by timezone, location, and preferred playstyle.
– Explanations of GAF memes, member backgrounds and bios, answers to any questions frequently asked in HaloGAF threads.

Basically, this site is going to be an organized collection of Frankie photoshops.

Keep in mind, it is NOT intended to replace any NeoGAF service. Discussion will always be kept to NeoGAF threads (which is why I disabled comments on this site). This is just a way to strengthen the Halo community on NeoGAF and make it more approachable to new NeoGAF posters. Enjoy!