Tips for Junior Members

– If you want a mobile version of GAF, use

– Every time an Official Thread (OT) hits 20,000 posts, a new thread is created and the discussion migrates there. This rule was created after some of the old megathreads got so big they started causing server problems and search issues.

– Do not post scans or links to scans. Do not ask for a PM linking you to scans. Both are bannable actions.

– Use your Subscriptions page! If you click on the orange GAF logo beside each thread you’ll be taken to the first unread post – saving you the trouble of backtracking from the end.

– If you want to exclude lurkers and post something that only NeoGAF members can see, use the email trick:

[email=”Hidden text here”][/email]

Lurkers will only see a blank line, but NeoGAF users will see the post code, including the hidden text, if they hit “quote”.

– HaloGAF Community threads have a slightly higher tolerance for off-topic discussion than the rest of NeoGAF – the mods tend to let us police ourselves. Just be careful you don’t get used to it and let things get out of hand; they still pop in from time to time and Halo threads have been locked before.

– Be very careful you don’t troll users or derail the topic in Gaming and Off-Topic threads, mods are always around to ban you there.

– Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Sure a joke account name like Oonsk or Mike Dongblain is funny at first, but you’re just asking to not be taken seriously down the line.

– Do not photoshop the playlist manager’s head onto a deposed dictator’s body.

– If you’re having trouble introducing yourself, try answering the New Member Survey.