HaloGAF Customs – 1/11/14 + Gabotron interview

Hey all!

First off I’d just like to wish everyone in HaloGAF a Happy New Year! Now, let’s get down to business. HaloGAF Customs will resume this weekend on Saturday, January 11th at 8PM Eastern. As always, any HaloGAF members are welcome no matter how great you are at Halo or how Wahrer you are at Halo. I’ll be posting this link in the current Halo thread on GAF as well as on the Official HaloGAF Twitter. Be on the lookout for updates in both of those places. To join the customs all you have to do is get on Halo 4 at around 8PM Eastern and message, “TashiGAF” to get in.

During the customs we’ll be playing a wide variety of gametypes. One of the gametypes we’ll play is a modded gametype by our very own Gabotron ES. He’s been hard at work at this gametype and here’s what he had to say about it.

Gabo Avatar

Tashi – Hey Gabo, thanks for doing this mini interview! First off, tell us the name of the gametype you’ve created.

Gabotron ES – Sabotage. Actually it’s two different gametypes under the same premise, One Sided Sabotage and Team Sabotage.


Tashi – How many players does it support?

From 6 players to 16 I’d recommend. Regardless of this the gametype can be easily accommodated to support from small battle enclosed gameplay to full BTB vehicle warfare madness (even though the current version has vehicles disabled).

Tashi – Can you describe the gametype and what the goal is?

Gabotron ES – Sabotage is a team centric objective based gametype where two teams are tasked to protect their teams generators by actively “shielding” theirs and to destroy enemy ones by the means of sustained gunfire.

Coordinated teams will be awarded with big fancy explosions, just make sure you are not too close to one when that happens.

Oh you mean like this?
Oh you mean like this?

There are two variants:

Team Sabotage: Each team has a generator of their own to protect while trying to destroy the enemy one before the time runs out, first team to accomplish this will automatically win the round.

One Sided Sabotage: asymmetric take on Team Sabotage and reminder of the Generator Defense gametype back in Reach’s beta days. The defenders or “Engineers” have two generators to protect from the “Sabotagers”. Teams will switch roles after the round is over.


Tashi – What maps does it work best on?

Gabotron ES – Like most objective based games Sabotage is best suited for smallish to middle sized symmetric maps, chances are if the map works great for CTF it will too work for Sabotage.

In fact, the release version will support CTF’s ctf_spawn_zone and ctf_spawn_zone_away labels so forgers will have an easier time making maps compatible with Sabotage.

Tashi – Where did the inspiration come from for the gametype?

Gabotron ES – Yeah I did totally not copy it from Bungie lol, I had fond memories from Reach’s Beta and some of you already know my love for Invasion and the Spartan to Elite role dynamic introduced back in Reach.

I wanted to introduce this role dynamic in H4 after Dominion left a bad taste in my mouth and since re-introducing a half baked Invasion was out of the question because of engine limitations Sabotage was definitely the way to go.


Tashi – What was the modding process like for this gametype?

Gabotron ES – Well, I can’t say it was a fancy ride. At the beginning I was constantly hitting the memory limit but as time went on my knowledge on the Megalo basics and the intricacies of the engine helped me to eventually optimize the code to baby smooth levels.

As for now, I’ll continue to improve and move forward with the gametype till I have a release ready variant for everybody to enjoy.

This will be the first time a full proper lobby will get to play it and I can’t wait to see how it turns out and what changes I will have to apply to make for the best experience possible on release.


Tashi – How long did it take for you to mod?

Gabotron ES – I started to set the foundation to what would become Sabotage back in October, finally coming with a somewhat functioning build three weeks ago. Since then it’s been a constant polishing of the features. The intent for Sabotage was for it to feel like a REAL gametype made from a REAL developer and not some kinda sloppy forge mini-game spin-off.

To achieve this I came up with a score/award system suited specially for Sabotage and Halo 4’s player points system really helped.

Players who take an active role in aiding their team protect their generators or attacking enemy ones will be rewarded with special medals and Steitzer’s virtual back patting.

Players will even be able to check their after match stats to see how many generators they shielded or who was that poor fool you assassinated before he could shield their generator.

Tashi – What’s your Twitter or where people can follow you?

Gabotron ES – If you want to stay updated on my latest gametype updates or bored enough to try to decipher some lame Spaniard gibberish of my own follow me on twitter @Gabotron ES

Gracias for doing this ;)

Tashi – Awesome. Excited to try it out on Saturday!


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